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What happened to the Survey123 property() function?

Last Published: September 14, 2023


The property() function is a previously documented method that was used to return metadata property values related to the survey submitter’s collecting environment. As this function has since been deprecated from the XLSForm spec, alternative methods of storing the metadata previously accessed through the property() function are available.  Several properties are available through dedicated question types; additionally, a new method has been implemented to support this functionality.  This new method can be implemented with the following calculation:

pulldata("@property", 'propertyname')

The documentation regarding this function can be found in the Survey123 for ArcGIS web help: Device and user properties.

Survey123 Connect and the Survey123 field app still provide backward compatibility with surveys containing the property() function. The web app will return null values.

The table below lists the properties that were previously supported by the property() function.  It also provides a description of the function, an example of the returned metadata value, and whether the property is currently supported by the pulldata("@property", 'propertyname') function.

PropertyData ValueExampleReplacement
usernamePortal usernamemapcreator_2020Use 'username' question type
uri:usernameUsername with identifierusername: mapcreator_2020No replacement
deviceidDevice IDf83gac9098e64daf891n0139c4451975Use 'deviceid' question type
uri_deviceidDevice ID with operating system identifier
No replacement
emailEmailmapcreator_2020@example.comUse 'email' question type
uri_emailEmail with identifiermailto: mapcreator_2020@example.comNo replacement


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