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What does the SDO_VERIFY DBTUNE parameter do?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When ArcSDE queries an Oracle Spatial feature class, it checks the SDE.DBTUNE table to determine which SDO_* parameters are set for the feature class. For polygon feature classes where SDO_VERIFY is set to TRUE or where the polygon feature class was autoregistered, ArcSDE checks the vertex rotation of each feature. (Normally, ArcSDE and Oracle Spatial expect exterior polygon boundaries to be stored in counterclockwise rotation, and inner boundaries to be in clockwise order.) If needed, ArcSDE corrects the vertex rotation before forwarding the feature to the ArcSDE client application.

Please refer to:

1. The ArcSDE for Oracle Configuration and Tuning Guide for more information about using DBTUNE parameters.

2. The ArcSDE Developer Help for more information about ArcSDE's shape verification rules.

3. The Oracle Spatial Users Guide and Reference for information about Oracle's shape verification rules.

As of the ArcSDE 9.x releases, the sdo_verify parameter in any dbtune keyword is now obsolete and cannot be used.

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