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What does the sderaster update operation do?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The sderaster update operation replaces a target raster with a source raster.

For example, consider the following ArcSDE command:

sderaster -o update -l myrasterdb,raster -f roads.tif

This replaces the raster dataset myrasterdb with roads.tif. The original pixel data of myrasterdb is removed before the replacement occurs.

The update operation should not be confused with the mosaic operation, which replaces that part of the target raster overlapped by the source raster.

For example:

sderaster -o mosaic -f myrasterdb,raster roads.tif

This command replaces only that part of myrasterdb that is overlapped by the pixels of roads.tif. Other pixel data of myrasterdb remains unchanged.

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