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What does accuracy mean in wireless location requests?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Accuracy is the level of precision for the location of a wireless device. Set precision of the device location request through the SOAP object DeviceLocationOptions.accuracy.

Results are specific to the wireless location service provider. If high accuracy is requested from Sprint and it is not available, Sprint may return low instead. Bell Mobility returns the requested accuracy or throws an error.

High accuracy requests to Sprint should only be performed on approved devices in Idle Mode Query (IMQ) markets. IMQ allows a phone's GPS location to be queried when it is not in a voice/data call. Currently, GPS queries to idle devices are not authorized by Sprint.

For Sprint, each accuracy level has its own pricing structure.
'High' requests correspond to an A-GPS attempt with fallback to AFLT and ultimately Cell Sector.

'Medium requests are not supported and will be rejected.

'Low' requests correspond to a Cell Sector fix.

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