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Which configurable app templates support the shared theme settings from the organization?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


After specifying the Shared Theme in the ArcGIS Online organization General settings, the theme is applied automatically to any new supported configurable apps and Open Data sites that members of the organization create.

As of March 2017, most (but not all) Story Map and other configurable apps support the Shared Theme settings.

The following apps support shared themes:
  • Basic Viewer
  • Compare Analysis
  • Crowdsource Polling
  • Directions
  • Edit
  • Elevation Profile
  • Filter
  • Geo List
  • Live Maps
  • Local Perspective
  • Map Tools
  • Minimalist
  • Simple Map Viewer
  • Story Map Basic
  • Story Map Cascade
  • Story Map Journal
  • Story Map Series
  • Story Map Shortlist
  • Summary Viewer
  • Time Aware
  • 3D Data Visualization
  • Compare Scenes
  • Simple Scene Viewer
  • Styler
  • Crowdsource Manager
  • Crowdsource Reporter
  • Maps and Apps Gallery
  • Public Gallery
The following apps do not have support for Shared Themes:
  • GeoForm
  • Impact Summary
  • Public Information
  • Story Map Crowdsource
  • Story Map Swipe and Spyglass
  • Story Map Tour
  • Map Carousel
  • Information Lookup
The Web AppBuilder does not support Shared Themes.

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