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What cameras are supported with ArcPad 7.0?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


ArcPad 7.0 includes drivers for the following connected digital cameras (support for additional connected cameras can be provided via custom camera modules):

Cameras integrated into some of the HP® iPAQ® Windows Mobile device models. These include the HP iPAQ rx3700® and hx6300® series devices.

On PCs, ArcPad includes a driver for cameras which interface via the standard Windows Multimedia API (MCI). These cameras usually connect to the PC via a USB cable, and typically include PCcam and Webcam cameras which are capable of taking still photos—although some standard digital cameras can also operate as a Webcam. There are a number of Webcam cameras available from various vendors. Creative Labs and Logitech® are two of the more well-known vendors of Webcams.

Cameras integrated into Windows Mobile 5 devices and use the standard Windows Mobile 5 camera API.

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