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What are the specifics of .NET support in MapObjects-Windows 2.2 or higher?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


MapObjects-Windows 2.2 or higher allows developers to continue to build and deploy applications successfully in the Visual Studio .NET environment. MapObjects 2.2 or higher provides additional sample applications, including source code for VB 7 projects, digital documents including "Getting Started with MapObjects in VB .NET" and "Getting Started with MapObjects in C#", MapObjects .NET assemblies, and help topics to integrate with the Visual Studio Web Help.

More specifically, MapObjects includes interop assemblies and help files that can be used in Visual Studio .NET, also known as Visual Studio 7.0, for managed applications - for example, VB.NET and C#.NET. It is possible to use these assemblies in a managed C++ .NET application; however, they have not been tested in this environment. VB.NET and C#.NET are supported since version 2.2 if the developer employs the assemblies that come with the product. No support is provided for those developers who want to generate their own assemblies.

ESRI wrappers are not necessary to use MapObjects Professional Edition or MapObjects LT in the .NET environment. The wrappers that are generated automatically by .NET can be used, but keep in mind that these auto-generated wrappers are not supported by ESRI, and undocumented issues may be encountered. However, these wrappers are generally very usable if the developer takes time to learn .NET and investigates the wrappers. ActiveX control wrappers, like the ones for MapObjects, still rely on the COM-based MapObjects Professional or MapObjects LT software underneath. The wrappers simply enable the ability for access in the VS.NET environment.

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