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What are the error codes returned from the shape engine?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The shape engine performs geographic processing for ArcSDE and other ESRI software. The shape engine produces error codes that are usually translated into ArcSDE error codes. However, sometimes the shape engine error codes can appear in error logs, such as in 'load_buffer' error messages in SDEHOME/etc/sde_<instance>.log.

Here is a list of the shape engine error codes. They are also found in the ArcSDE C SDK in ArcSDE/include/sgerr.h.

SG_FAILURE (-2000) General failure error
SG_INVALID_SHAPE_OBJECT (-2001) Invalid shape object handle
SG_INVALID_POINTER (-2002) Specified pointer value is null or invalid
SG_INVALID_PARAM_VALUE (-2003) Specified parameter value is invalid
SG_INVALID_SHAPE (-2004) Invalid shape, can not be verified
SG_INVALID_PARTNUM (-2005) Specified part doesn't exist in the shape
SG_INVALID_ENTITY_TYPE (-2006) Invalid shape entity type
SG_INCOMPATIBLE_SHAPES (-2007) The shapes are of incompatible types
SG_SHAPE_INTEGRITY_ERROR (-2008) Model integrity error
SG_INVALID_SEARCH_METHOD (-2009) Invalid search method
SG_INVALID_END_POINT (-2010) Specified end point is invalid
SG_INVALID_RADIUS (-2011) Specified radius is invalid
SG_TOO_MANY_POINTS (-2012) Too many points generated by this operation
SG_ALL_SLIVERS (-2013) Sliver factor caused all results to be slivers
SG_POINT_NO_EXIST (-2014) Specified point doesn't exist in the shape
SG_BUFFER_OUT_OF_BOUNDS (-2015) Resulting buffer exceeds valid coordinate range
SG_INVALID_SYSTEM_UNITS (-2016) Systems units < 1 or > 2147483647.
SG_PATH_NOT_FOUND (-2017) Coord path not found in shape edit op.
SG_OUT_OF_MEMORY (-2018) Out of memory
SG_INVALID_PART_OFFSET (-2019) Part offset is invalid
SG_INCOMPATIBLE_COORDREFS (-2020) The given coordinate references are incompatible
SG_COORD_OUT_OF_BOUNDS (-2021) The specified coordinate exceeds the valid coordinate range
SG_INVALID_ENVELOPE (-2022) The given envelope is NULL, has negativevalues, or min > max
SG_INVALID_COORDREF_OBJECT (-2023) Invalid coordinate reference object handle
SG_INVALID_COORDSYS_ID (-2024) Invalid identifier for a coordinate system
SG_INVALID_COORDSYS_DESC (-2025) Invalid description for a coordinate system
SG_PROJECTION_ERROR (-2026) Error projecting shape points
SG_POLY_SHELLS_OVERLAP (-2027) 2 donuts or 2 outer shells overlap
SG_TOO_FEW_POINTS (-2028) numofpts is less than required for feature
SG_INVALID_PART_SEPARATOR (-2029) part separator in the wrong position
SG_INVALID_POLYGON_CLOSURE (-2030) polygon does not close properly
SG_INVALID_OUTER_SHELL (-2031) A polygon outer shell does not completely enclose all donuts
for the part
SG_ZERO_AREA_POLYGON (-2032) Polygon shell has no area
SG_POLYGON_HAS_VERTICAL_LINE (-2033) Polygon shell contains a vertical line
SG_OUTER_SHELLS_OVERLAP (-2034) Multipart area has overlapping parts
SG_SELF_INTERSECTING (-2035) Linestring or poly boundary is self-intersecting
SG_READ_ONLY_SHAPE (-2036) Attempted to modify read-only shape
SG_INVALID_NUM_MEASURES (-2037) Number of measures in binary is invalid
SG_INVALID_NUM_PARTS (-2038) Number of parts in binary is invalid
SG_BINARY_TOO_SMALL (-2039) Shape won't fit in supplied binary
SG_INVALID_BYTE_ORDER (-2040) WKB shape byte order is invalid
SG_INVALID_GEOMETRY_TYPE (-2041) Invalid shape's geometry type
SG_SHAPE_TEXT_TOO_LONG (-2042) Length of shape text exceeding the allocated buffer size
SG_AMBIGUOUS_NIL_SHAPE (-2043) No SQL type provided when converting NIL shape to text
SG_TYPE_MISMATCH (-2044) Unexpected shape SQL type
SG_SQL_PARENTHESIS_MISMATCH (-2045) Parenthesis mismatches in shape text
SG_SHAPE_TEXT_ERROR (-2046) Syntax error in shape text
SG_TOO_MANY_PARTS (-2047) Shape has too many parts
SG_NIL_SHAPE_NOT_ALLOWED (-2048) NIL shape is not allowed for WKB
SG_SCL_SYNTAX_ERROR (-2049) SCL Language Syntax Error
SG_INVALID_PRECISION (-2050) Bad or default precision specified
SG_SPATIALREF_NO_CLUSTER_TOL (-2051) No cluster tolerance properties persisted in this spatial
reference schema
SG_NOT_IMPLEMENTED_YET (-2999) Function or option has not been implemented

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