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What are the benefits of using Windows TrueType fonts in ArcView?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


1. What you see is really what you get because Windows uses the same font for screen and printer. You do not have to consider whether you have a specific point size for a particular printer or for your display.

2. You can scale and rotate TrueType fonts. They look good in all sizes and on all output devices that Windows supports.

3. Your document will look the same if you move it across platforms.

4. Each TrueType typeface only requires a .FOT and a .TTF file to create fonts in all point sizes at all resolutions for all output devices. Raster fonts need separate files for each point size, resolution, and display device.

5. TrueType is integrated with the operating environment; therefore, all Windows applications can use TrueType fonts like they do with other Windows raster fonts without changes or upgrades.

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