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What are the benefits of using a Java Runtime Environment with the ArcIMS Java Viewer?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Why must a Java Runtime Environment be installed with the ArcIMS Java Viewer instead of using the Java Virtual Machine of the operating system?

In ArcIMS, both the Standard and Custom Java Viewers are implemented as client-side Java applications that take advantage of the browser-enabled Java plug-in included with Sun Microsystems’ Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Requiring the use of a specific Java Runtime Environment has several benefits.

Java-specific benefits:
1) Full enterprise support for Java applications developed in JDK 1.1 or higher.

2) Allows deployment of Java applets in Internet browsers that will operate in a reliable, consistent, and fully supported environment.

3) Advanced support for future releases of Sun's JRE.

ArcIMS-specific benefits:
1) The Java Viewer is a thick client. The ability to install the Java Viewer plug-in (installed as ArcIMS Viewer) once and reload the applets locally:
- Significantly reduces the amount of client wait time to load the application.
- Allows the Java Viewer to interact with the local disk. For example, add local datasets.
- Allows feature streaming of data in FeatureServer MapServices, which reduces the number of ArcIMS queries significantly and thus reduces client wait time.

2) Using Sun's JRE allows ArcIMS to create and reliably support a custom Java applet-based viewer in multiple Internet browsers on different operating systems. This configuration is recommended by Sun and implemented by many software and service providers using Java-based applications over the Internet.

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