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What are the Address Location Codes for geocoding with Business Analyst?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Address location codes detail the known qualities about the geocode. An address location code has three characters. The first character is always an “A”, which indicates an address location. The second character is either an “S”, indicating a location on a street range, or an “X”, indicating a location on an intersection of two streets. The third character is a digit that indicates other qualities about the location, as described below.

Address Location Codes:

Asn - Indicates a house range address geocode; this is the most accurate geocode available. The “n” can be one of these numbers:

0 - Best location.
1 - Street side is unknown. The Census FIPS Block ID from the left side is assigned, however no offset is assigned, the point is placed directly on the intersection.
2 - Address was interpolated onto a TIGER segment that did not contain address ranges initially.
3 - Both 1 and 2.
7 - Indicates a match to a GDT placeholder point. Occurs only with GDT data.

AX3 - Indicates an intersection geocode. The street side cannot be determined, and no address ranges can be assigned, hence the “3” is returned to be consistent with “Asn” codes.

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