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What are some common troubleshooting tips when publishing an ArcPad service?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Information provided discusses ways to troubleshoot common issues encountered when publishing an ArcPad service.

Issue #1: When publishing an ArcPad service, the following error appears and no publication data is created:

Server object instance creation failed on all SOC machines.
Server Object instance creation failed on machine arcpadserver.
[O-Image] soc_error
Troubleshooting Steps: The error message states two possibilities for the cause of the error. The cause is not limited to those stated in the error message.

Issue #2: ArcPad services can be published but ArcPad cannot connect to the server, and users cannot see the service list in ArcPad.

Troubleshooting Steps: There are two areas to examine when troubleshooting this issue:

A. http://usersserverwebsite)/arcgis/services?wsdl does not display an orderly XML file.

The server machine is not configured properly for Web access. Troubleshooting steps include, but are not limited to, performing a Web Application Post Install and restarting the IIS service. Since computer and network settings vary, contact your IT support technicians or ESRI Support for further assistance.

B. Wireless or cable connection problem on a mobile device.

Open Internet Explorer on a mobile device. Normally, if IE can access Web pages, ArcPad can connect. When a 3G data service is used on a mobile device, IE may have to be used to trigger the network connection.

Issue #3: The ArcPad service can be published, but downloading a service or uploading data failed.

Troubleshooting Steps:
Open createreplica.log in publication folder located at C:\arcgisserver\arcpadpublications\<publication name>. If an error message appears in the log file, create a replica to a personal geodatabase to ensure the data is not corrupt.
See the following link for detailed instructions:

Create Replica (Data Management) (ArcInfo and ArcEditor only)

Make sure that only ArcMap is open to eliminate possible schema locks on the data. After running the tool, note any errors and examine the SDE database for problem records.

Issue #4: An ArcPad service can be published and downloaded, but the Synchronize Data with ArcGIS Server button in ArcPad is grayed out.

Troubleshooting Steps:
Check for background layers. Publishing all data as background layers causes the synchronization button to become disabled.

Log synchronization transactions for further investigation:

1. Create a new text file inside the service publication folder (C:\arcgisserver\arcpadpublications\<publication name>).
2. Name the file KeepFiles.txt.

When this file is created, ArcPad server extension keeps all synchronization transaction records. By default, they are deleted shortly after created.

If the published .axf file is named GDB_tester_Horton.axf, its transaction log file will be named accordingly; for example, GDB_tester_Horton34567-replicate.log.
Each time a user clicks on the Sync button in ArcPad, several transaction logs are created.
Keeping these records is extremely helpful when trying to diagnose any problems during the synchronization process.

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