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What are best practices when geocoding intersections using a classic locator created with the Create Address Locator tool in ArcMap?

Last Published: November 20, 2023


This article provides some best practices related to geocoding intersections using a classic locator created with the Create Address Locator tool in ArcMap, included are some useful tips to ensure the best possible results are returned.

Include the street name in the input address and an intersection connector when geocoding intersections

The default behavior for searching intersections is to use the street addresses from two intersecting streets. The address locator considers the location as an intersection address if two street names are separated by an intersection connector, such as ampersand (&) or at sign (@). An example is 345 New York Street & Redlands Boulevard.

For more information on setting intersection connectors, refer to ArcMap: About modifying an address locator's settings.

Use a locator that supports intersection matching

Not every locator supports intersection matching. Only the Single Range and Dual Range locator styles support matching street intersections. For more information on properties of an address locator, refer to ArcMap: About the locator properties.

Use the Check Geometry and Repair Geometry tools before geocoding

Geometry errors can prevent a locator from matching intersections due to invalid connectivity of lines and vertices in the data.

For more information on checking and repairing geometry, refer to ArcMap: Check Geometry and ArcMap: Repair Geometry.

If nothing is returned after searching for intersections, select the line segments that participate in the intersection and planarize the lines by using the Planarize Lines tool, found on the Advanced Editing toolbar. Refer to ArcMap: Splitting lines at intersections with Planarize Lines. Run a rebuild on the existing address locator, or create a new one.

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