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What are all the file extensions related to ArcView?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


This is an extensive list of file formats supported for ArcView 3.x. Please see the Desktop Help for their respective user guides.

adf - ARC/INFO coverage data file
agf - Atlas GIS native binary geodataset file
ain - attribute index file
aih - attribute index file
apr - ArcView Project File (ODB format)
avl - legend template file (ODB format)
avp - palette file (ODB format)
ave - Avenue script
avx - ArcView extension file (ODB format)
ai - Adobe Illustrator picture file
bat - DOS batch file
bil - image file (band interleaved by line)
bip - image file (band interleaved by pixel)
blw - world file for bil image
bmp - Windows bitmap image file
bpw - world file for bip or bmp images
bsq - image file (band sequential)
bqw - world file for bsq image
c - C programming language source code filename
cat - UNIX hyperhelp supporting file
cgm - Computer Graphics Metafile
cls - geocoding classification file
cnt - help file contents
dat - generic data file extension
dat - INFO attribute file
db - Object Database File (also ODB)
dbf - dBASE tabular data file
dbf - Shapefile attribute table file
dbg - problem debug log file
dcp - default codepage file
dct - geocoding dictionary file
dec - UNIX hyperhelp supporting file
def - defaults file (North Arrows, Layout Templates, etc) (ODB format)
dem - Digital Elevation Model file
dgn - Design drawing file (Intergraph)
dir - INFO directory manager file
dlg - Digital Line Graph file
dll - Windows Dynamic Link Library file
doc - MS-Word, MS-Wordpad document file
dtd - UNIX hyperhelp supporting file
dwg - Drawing file (AutoCAD)
dxf - Drawing exchange file
e00 - ARC/INFO export file
eps - Encapsulated PostScript
exe - DOS/Windows executable file
fbn - spatial index file for read-only datasets
fbx - spatial index file for read-only datasets
fls - Windows help supporting file
ftg - UNIX help supporting file
fts - UNIX help supporting file
gen - ARC/INFO UnGenerate format
gfw - world file for gif image
gif - image file (CompuServe)
hdr - header file (for ArcView extensions or TIF images)
hlp - Windows help file
htm - WWW file (hypertext markup, 3-character DOS version)
html- WWW file (hypertext markup language, UNIX version)
ico - Icon file
idx - geocoding index for read-only datasets
img - ERDAS Imagine image file
ini - initialization file
ixc - geocoding index for read-write coverages
ixs - geocoding index for read-write shapefiles
jpg - image file (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
key - geocoding matching keys (ODB format)
lin - ARC/INFO lineset symbol file
lnk - Windows shortcut icon link file
mat - geocoding matching parameters file
mcp - image file (MacPaint)
mid - MapInfo interchange format (always paired with "mif")
mif - MapInfo interchange format (always paired with "mid")
mrk - ARC/INFO markerset symbol file (not compatible w/ArcView)
mxc - geocoding index for read-write coverages (ODB format)
mxs - geocoding index for read-write shapefiles (ODB format)
nit - INFO table definitions file
ndx - fonts index file (UNIX only)
nls - Codepage language files
odb - Object Database ASCII file (ODB format)
pat - geocoding pattern recognition file
pdf - preferences definition file
pif - Windows program information file (for DOS programs)
pps - processing set codes
prj - projections definition file
ps - PostScript file
rlc - image file (run-length coding)
rs - image file (raster snapshot | Sun rasterfile)
sbn - spatial index for read-write shapefiles
sbx - spatial index for read-write shapefiles
shd - ARC/INFO shadeset symbol file
shp - Shapefile (stores feature geometry)
shx - Shapefile (stores file lookup index)
stn - geocoding standardization file
tab - lookup file
tbl - geocoding support table
tif - image file (Tag Image Format file)
tfw - world file for tif image
tmp - temporary file
ttf - TrueType font file
txt - text file (usually ASCII)
xbm - image file (X Bitmap)
wmf - image file (Windows Metafile)
wld - world file for CAD datasets
wri - Windows Write.exe file

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