VPF validation error: primitive does not fit within owning spatial cell

Last Published: April 25, 2020


** Fixed at ArcGIS 8.2 **
When VPF data created by the ArcInfo Workstation VPFEXPORT command is validated by other software, a warning is produced stating that the primitive does not fit within the owning spatial cell.


The spatial index created by VPFEXPORT does not truncate floating point coordinates to three decimal places. This does not match the NIMA standard defined in MIL-STD-2407 CN1, Appendix F, Section F.4.4, page 165. When the data is validated some features may fall outside their cell, causing Error 450: "Primitive does not fit within owning spatial cell."

Solution or Workaround

This probem has been fixed for version 8.2.

    Article ID:000003814

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