View the ArcGIS Runtime REST Services Directory

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The ArcGIS Runtime uses the Representational State Transfer (REST) standard to communicate with services. The services can be ArcGIS Server services or local data sources (e.g. Map Package).

When your application displays the service from ArcGIS Server, you can examine the service through the ArcGIS Server Services Directory. However, if you add a local data source to display data from a local file on your map, how do you examine the local data source? The answer is go to the ArcGIS Runtime REST Services Directory by the following procedure.


Let's assume you add a map package (.mpk) into your ArcGIS Runtime application. When the application is running, ArcGIS Runtime used the .mpk file to create a local service with it own Services Directory which lists all the available layers and other information about this local service. To examine the ArcGIS Runtime Services Directory, please use the following steps:
  1. With the application still running, examine Eclipse's Console tab. You will find the line in the Console that begins with "Message: Server listening on".

  2. Copy the URL from that line and paste it into a browser. You will see a page titled with "ArcGISRuntime REST Service Directory".

  3. Click the xxxxx.mpk to browse the service page.


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  • ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java Prev

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