Use the RampColors and RampSubset requests

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The following script demonstrates how to color a 10 class legend with 0 - 5 as a Red to White ramp, and 5 - 10 as a White to Blue ramp.



'-- multi_ramp_colors_legend.ave
'-- This script assumes that you have a theme with a
'-- NUMERIC field called "Sumblkpop" in View1.
'-- You should substitute your NUMERIC field name for fname.
theTheme = theView.GetActiveThemes.Get(0)
theFTab = theTheme.GetFTab
f = theFTab.FindField(fname)
theLegend = theTheme.GetLegend
'-- You will need to change the number of quantiles.
'-- This script sets it to 10.
thesymList = theLegend.getsymbols
'-- If you do not like the desired colors for the
'-- Begin and End of the RampColors you will have to
'-- specify one of the preset colors (ie. White, Green, Black, etc.
'-- or define your own color with the Make and SetRGBList
'-- commands. Note how the RampColors goes from Red to Blue;
'-- if you were to eliminate the 2 RampSubset
'-- requests below you would just get one color ramp.
theSymList.rampcolors(Color.GetRed, Color.GetBlue)
'-- You need to specify the a Middle color for the RampSubset.
theMiddleSym = theSymList.Get(4)
'-- The mini Ramps go from Red to White 'RampSubset(0,4)'
'-- and White to Blue 'RampSubset(4,9)'.
'-- Note: If you were to only specify one of the RampSubsets
'-- you would find that the rest of the RampColors request
'-- above (Red to Blue) would still be in effect for those
'-- symbols outside of the RampSubset.
'-- End of multi_ramp_colors_legend.ave

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