Use the IIS Lockdown tool without disabling ArcIMS functionality

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to use the IIS Lockdown tool in such a way as to keep functionality ArcIMS needs. The IIS Lockdown tool is a program for securing IIS. Some security restrictions, however, can disable functionality needed by ArcIMS.


The IIS Lockdown Wizard is simply an executable that alters the IIS settings.

If the IIS Lockdown Wizard has already been run and ArcIMS is no longer functioning, rerun the IIS Lockdown Wizard to undo the changes made, then follow the procedure below.

  1. Start the IIS Lockdown Wizard.
  2. After accepting the license agreement the Select Server Template dialog box appears. Choose Other (Server that does not match any of the listed roles) as shown below and click Next.
    [O-Image] IIS Lockdown Select Template Image
  3. On the next screen you are asked to choose which Internet services you want. ArcIMS requires the Web service (HTTP); make sure this service is checked.

    The other services are not required for ArcIMS.
  4. The next screen will be Script Maps. Any script map that is selected will be disabled.

    If the plan is to use the ArcIMS Site Starters or to develop an ArcIMS application with ASP pages, uncheck Active Server Pages (.asp) as shown below.
    [O-Image] IIS Lockdown Tool Script Maps Dialog
  5. After clicking Next the Additional Security dialog box appears.

    If using either Servlet Exec or JRun as the servlet engine, uncheck the Scripts box as shown below.
    [O-Image] IIS Lockdown Tool Additional Security Screen

    The other options will not affect ArcIMS.
  6. Any remaining options to decide on will not affect ArcIMS.

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