Use ROUTETEXT to place annotation at specified intervals along a route

Last Published: April 25, 2020



Using the ROUTETEXT command to place annotation along an arc (or set of arcs) at certain user-specified intervals.


Create a route for the selected set of arcs. For example, if the .AAT contained an item called STREET_NAME, this item could be used to create the routes. There would be one route for each individual street name in the data set. These routes would all be stored under the same route system, each carrying a different route-ID. Once the RAT has been constructed, go into ARCPLOT and issue the ROUTETEXT command specifying a desired {text_interval}. If no interval is specified, then the text item or text string will be displayed one time, placing that text as close to the center of the route as possible. The procedure as described above is as follows:


Arc: measureroute
Usage: MEASUREROUTE < cover > < route_system > {in_route_item} {out_route_item}
{measure_item} {UL | UR | LL | LR} {ROUTE | SECTION | ARC} {selection_file}

Arc: measureroute roads names street_name street_name length # ARC

- the route_system NAMES is created by the command.
- the item STREET_NAME exists in ROADS.AAT and is used to "group" the
arcs of the same street_name into one route.


Arc: arcplot
Arcplot: arcs roads
Arcplot: usage routetext
Usage: ROUTETEXT < cover > < route_system > {item | text_string} {lookup_table}
{item | offset} {lookup_table} {text_interval}

Arcplot: routetext roads names street_name # # # 3

The argument '3' instructs ROUTETEXT to place the string found in STREET_NAME along the appropriate route at intervals of 3 pageunits apart (i.e., inches). If there is no specified {text_interval} then ROUTETEXT will attempt to place the text string one time, as close to the measured center of each route.

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