Use highlight color to help find features that correspond to specific selected records

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The highlight color is used when clicking on a record or a field and only viewing the selected records in ArcMap. A highlighted record does not effect the selection; its purpose is to help find features that correspond to specific selected records. When a record is highlighted in an attribute table, the corresponding feature is displayed in the highlight color in the map.


  1. Zoom into an area of a selection set.
  2. Open up the Table View (right-click the layer in the Table of Contents > Open Attribute Table).
  3. At the bottom of the table view, click the 'Show: Selected' button.
  4. The selected features are already selected. If the left-most box in the table adjacent to the record desired is clicked, it selects the feature in the map using a different, larger symbol.

Article ID:000011039

  • ArcMap

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