Use CURSORS to access and edit item values

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to use a cursor to access and edit item values in attribute tables.


CURSORS are used to access and update item values on a record by record basis. They can also be used to add and delete info table records. To access the
information in the INFO file, use the AML program variables called cursor variables. The syntax for cursor variables is:

: .

Related item values can be accessed using the following syntax:

: . //

To set an AML variable to a value from the INFO file, reference the cursor variable. For example, to access the value of an item called ELEV for the record the cursor is pointing at, perform the following:

&SETVAR elev = %:cur1.elev%
&SETVAR elev = %:cur1.rel//elev%

for item value from related record.

To update an item value, set the cursor variable to the new value.

&SETVAR :cur1.elev = 2
&SETVAR :cur1.rel//elev = 2

for updating related record, relate must be RW.

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