Update ArcIMS when changing a computer's hostname

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe areas to modify if changing the hostname of the computer on which ArcIMS 3.1 is installed.


1. Stop the ArcIMS services in the prescribed order.

Stop the ArcIMS Services in the following order:

- ArcIMS Tasker
- ArcIMS Monitor
- ArcIMS Application Server

2. Delete the EsrimapCookies.ser and EsrimapCatalog.ser files.

This will delete all current MapServices; make careful note of the particulars of the MapServices because you will be recreating them.

3. Restart the ArcIMS services in the prescribed order.

Start the ArcIMS Services in the following order:

- ArcIMS Application Server
- ArcIMS Monitor
- ArcIMS Tasker

4. Open in Notepad and verify that the following properties conform to the new name for the machine: HostName, HostURL and ImageURL.

If using UNC path notation for other properties, such as ImagePath or WebSiteDir, make sure the new machine name also corresponds. Save all changes.

5. Open the Esrimap_prop files in a text editor such as WordPad or Notepad.

6. Edit the appServerMachine properties to reflect the new hostname.

7. Open ArcIMS Administrator and navigate to View > Site Properties to ensure the changes made above are reflected in the interface.

8. Make sure the HOSTS file, located in C:\WINNT\System32\Drivers\ETC, does not reference the old machine hostname for any IP address.

9. Recreate the MapServices you deleted in Step 1-3.

10. Edit each ArcIMSparam.js file for every existing Web site that uses these MapServices.

11. Verify that the values for the variables imsURL and imsOVURL are updated to reflect the hostname change.

12. Test ArcIMS Designer by creating a new HTML Web site.

If trouble persists, look for registryHost values in:
<drive>:\Program Files\ESRI\ArcIMS3.1\Server\Monitor
<drive>:\Program Files\ESRI\ArcIMS3.1\AppServer\Tasker files

Also check the hostname.js file
<drive>:\Program Files\ESRI\ArcIMS3.1\Common\Diagnostics

A reboot may be necessary to initialize any changes.

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