Unique IDs are important to ADDRESSCREATE

Last Published: April 25, 2020



When a coverage created from an .ACODE file using TIGERTOOL is cleaned, some new arcs are added with the same user IDs as the original arcs. An .ADD file needs to be created in order to perform address geocoding. How can the arcs with the same user ID numbers be identified, and then how could they be dealt with in the .ACODE, or .AAT?


ADDRESSCREATE requires unique IDs to be present in the .AAT or .ACODE file to insure that the .ADD file created is correct. An ARC FREQUENCY can be used to identify duplicate IDs. If duplicates are found, go into INFO or TABLES, and calc the IDs to be something unique throughout the entire file. This can be accomplished by going into INFO and calculating the ID equal to the cover#. Once this has been done, run an IDEDIT at the Arc: prompt before running ADDRESSCREATE.

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