Understanding the meaning of the upgrade lines in the license file

Last Published: April 25, 2020

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What do the upgrade lines in the license file mean?


An UPGRADE line promotes a specified number of licenses from an older software version to a new version. For example:

FEATURE ARC/INFO ESRI 7.21 01-JAN-00 5 DB3E491171ED29E31E22
vendor_info="EJ6JP6EN92HEPDPGE104" ck=241 UPGRADE ARC/INFO ESRI 7.21 8.01 01-JAN-00 3 6B2E107326CE615F6F31
vendor_info="CLPY774FD0HEK7PSY021" ck=40

The numbers following the dates in these two lines indicate that of the five licenses of ARC/INFO v7.2.1, three can be used for ARC/INFO v8.0.1.

This type of scenario would arise if you purchased five ArcInfo 7.2.1 licenses and later discontinued support for two of them. Now that you are paying support for only three licenses, you will receive an UPGRADE line with three ArcInfo version 8.0.1 licenses. This means that of your five 7.2.1 licenses you can use three for ArcInfo 8.0.1. If you are using all three 8.0.1 licenses, you will only have two 7.2.1 licenses available. In other words:

number of 7.2.1 licenses = total licenses available - number of 8.0.1 licenses checked out

The number of licenses in an UPGRADE line should always be less than the number of licenses in the FEATURE line. If the number of licenses in the UPGRADE line is equal to the number of licenses in the FEATURE line, a single FEATURE line with the new version should be issued. This is because 7.2.1 can use 8.0.1 licenses.


An UPGRADE line must always have a corresponding FEATURE line that precedes it in the license file.

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