Unable to update a domain after upgrading database to Oracle - receive ORA-00604, ORA-06550, ORA-00306 errors

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

After database upgrade to, existing domains in the geodatabase cannot be updated. An error similar to the following may be returned:


This has been found to be an Oracle-related issue (Oracle Doc ID 1586704.1).

The cause of this problem has been analyzed in unpublished Oracle Bug 17501296: Commit callback procedure ctxsys.syncrn is not in sync with C-code.

Solution or Workaround

To resolve the problem apply Patch 17501296 or re-create the ctxsys.syncrn procedure as shown below.

If any problems are encountered with re-creating this procedure, or any questions arise related to this particular issue, please contact Oracle Support Services.


connect / as sysdba

alter session set current_schema=CTXSYS;

create or replace procedure syncrn (
ownid IN binary_integer,
oname IN varchar2,
idxid IN binary_integer,
ixpid IN binary_integer,
rtabnm IN varchar2,
srcflg IN binary_integer,
smallr IN binary_integer
authid definer
as external
name "comt_cb"
library dr$lib
with context
ownid ub4,
idxid ub4,
ixpid ub4,
srcflg ub1,
smallr ub1

Patch notes:

The patch for this issue supplies corrected upgrade and downgrade scripts
such that any new upgrade / downgrade should get the correct definition.

If the upgrade has already been done WITHOUT the patch already in place, the following command must be executed to correct the dictionary.

"@?/sqlpatch/17501296/postinstall.sql" from <Patch17501296>

Article ID:000012183

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