Unable to load package pinfo_util : ORA-24344 : success with compilation error

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

Running sdesetupora9i returns the following error message :

"Unable to load package pinfo_util, underlying DBMS error encountered.
ERROR in creating shared memory replacement stored procedures.
Error: -51
DBMS error code: 24344
ORA-24344: success with compilation error

Unable to start up shared memory, error -51.
If giomgr is up and running, shutdown and try again.
SDE release upgrade not completed(-51"


SYS user has not granted execute on DBMS_LOCK and DBMS_PIPE to PUBLIC.

Solution or Workaround

Log into SQL as the SYS user.

grant execute on DBMS_LOCK to public;
grant execute on DBMS_PIPE to public;
Verify that %SDEHOME%\bin is the first entry in your PATH. For example, PATH=C:\ArcGIS\ArcSDE\ora9iexe\bin. Open a command prompt and navigate to %SDEHOME%\bin before executing the 'sdesetupora9i' command again.

    Article ID:000006542

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