Unable to create the requested trade area, no points can snapped to the streets network

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

In ArcMap, when creating drive-time rings or trade areas on StreetMap Premium data using Business Analyst, the following error message is returned:

Unable to create the requested trade area, no points can be snapped to the streets network.


The error occurs because the user is not licensed for the dataset used for creating the drive-time rings or trade areas. Although it is possible to use the locators that come with the StreetMap Premium data for geocoding, creating drive-time rings and trade areas for routing requires a license to use the dataset.

Solution or Workaround

Option A - Reset the path of the streets network

Reset the path in Business Analyst preferences by following the instructions below:
  1. In ArcMap, open the Business Analyst toolbar.
  2. Click the Preferences button Business Analyst dataset to open the Preferences dialog box.
  3. Select the Dataset tab.
  4. Specify the path of Streets Network to the corresponding Business Analyst dataset:
C:\ArcGIS\Business_Analyst\US_[Year of Data]\Data\StreetsData\NAVTEQ_[StreetsData Release ID].gdb\Routing\Routing_ND
Preferences dialog box

Option B - Submit a license request

If it is necessary to use a dataset other than the Business Analyst dataset in Option A, submit a license request to a Customer Service Representative.

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