Unable to create deployments using ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder 11.1 for Microsoft Azure

Last Published: June 3, 2024

Error Message

The following error is returned when running ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder 11.1 for Microsoft Azure:

An unexpected error has occurred. Error Details:- ‘Cannot convert null to 'int* because it is a non-nullable value type*'


The Microsoft Azure Quotas REST API usages endpoint, which is used by Cloud Builder to get the current core utilization of a virtual machine (VM) family, was still in preview at the time that Cloud Builder 11.1 was released. When the Quotas REST API was released to the public, an unexpected change in the case of the value response property name from upper case (Value) to lower case (value) rendered the response unrecognizable by Cloud Builder.

Solution or Workaround

Before running Cloud Builder 11.1, add the following Microsoft Windows user environment variable on the machine where you will run Cloud Builder and set it to True:


Follow Microsoft instructions for setting user environment variables for the operating system version you’re using.

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  • ArcGIS Enterprise 11 1

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