UIFONT element could not be loaded from the catalog

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

The ArcIMS Application Server fails to start properly. When debug logging is turned on, the Application Server debug log file has the following error message:

"UIFONT element could not be loaded from the catalog"


The UIFONT sub-element is missing from the ENVIRONMENT element in your map configuration file (*.axl).

This error occurs the first time after you restart ArcIMS after adding a service without the UIFONT element.

Solution or Workaround

It is necessary to update all the configuration files (*.axl) missing the UIFONT element and then recreate all services again, including those files with UIFONT elements.

  1. Find all configuration files (*.axl) for your services that are missing a UIFONT element.
    This step is very important, if you miss a configuration file here and in step 2, you may have to redo all the steps again.

  2. For each of the configuration files without a UIFONT element, insert it as a child element to the ENVIRONMENT element as shown in the example below:

    <LOCALE country="US" language="en" variant="" />
    <UIFONT color="0,0,0" name="dialog" size="12" style="regular" />
    <SCREEN dpi="71" />

    You may choose a different font, style, or color for your UIFONT settings.
  3. Move your ArcIMSSite.sez file from its current location to a safe location you will remember later.
    On Windows your ArcIMSSite.sez file is usually in the "...\ArcGIS\ArcIMS\AppServer" directory

    On UNIX and Linux your ArcIMSSite.sez file is usually in the ".../aims40exe/Middleware/Application_Server" directory

  4. Start the ArcIMS Application Server. It will start if there is no ArcIMSSite.sez file in your Application Server directory. If it doesn't, confirm that you moved the file in step 3.
  5. Start ArcIMS Administrator and re-create all of your ArcIMS services.

    The next time you stop and start the ArcIMS Application Server it should start if you have UIFONT tags in your configuration files.

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