Topology rules disappear after being added to the topology

Last Published: April 25, 2020


After adding rules to a topology, several rules disappear from the topology.


It is invalid to establish multiple topology rules of the same type, with the same origin subtype. The Add Rule and Create New Topology Wizard are incorrectly allowing the creation of these invalid rules. The new rules disappear because the application is later recognizing them as invalid.


Re-evaluate the set of topology rules. Allowing multiple topology rules of the same rule type with the same origin subtype causes a large number of errors to be generated, for example:

For a feature class, FC1, with subtypes S1, S2 and S3, the following rule set is invalid:

FC1:S1 must be covered by feature class of FC1:S2
FC1:S1 must be covered by feature class of FC1:S3

In this case, a number of errors are generated because features of subtype S1 must be covered features of subtype S2 and S3.

A solution is to convert the three subtypes into individual feature classes.

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