Tool SelectLayerByAttribute is not licensed

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

When the Central Feature tool, or Spatial Statistics toolbox, is run on an ArcView license, it fails with the error message:

"Tool SelectLayerByAttribute is not licensed"


Inside of the Central Feature script, the SelectLayerByAttribute tool is used. SelectLayerByAttribute is not licensed to work with an ArcView license, therefore the tool fails.

This is not documented in the Central Feature tool documentation.

Solution or Workaround

Select an option below.

  • Modify the code to use MakeFeatureLayer with an expression. The expression would select out the feature of interest. Then run CopyFeatures on the new layer.
  • Modify the code so that it prints out the ID of the central feature. Once the ID is obtained, it is possible to manually select the feature and create a new feature class from it, for example; using copy features.

    ESRI recomends that a copy of the Central Feature code be copied and a separate tool created when modifying the code.

Article ID:000007607

  • ArcMap 9 x

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