Too many tiles overlap (RDLOCS) Attempt close channel (ICLOSE)

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround


The LIBRARIAN command EXTRACT returns the following message:

Fatal Error: Too many tiles overlay (RDLOCS) 
Fatal Error: (ICLOSE) Attempting to close channel 1 which isn't open.

There are more than 500 tiles in the library, and the entire layer is being extracted.


EXTRACT can support up to 500 tiles.


Option 1:

1. Use a series of SETCOVERS to establish the tiles to be extracted.
2. Run ARC MAPJOIN on the separately extracted coverages.

Option 2:

1. Create ASCII files with up to 500 records, each file having one tile name per record.
2. Run the LIBRARIAN SETTILE ALL and then SETTILE <tile_file> using one of the ASCII files. Keep in mind that SETTILE reselects tiles from the currently active tiles.
5. Run ARC MAPJOIN to create one coverage from the extracted coverages.

Example: Suppose your library has 600 tiles.

1. Create two ASCII files: NORTHTILES and SOUTHTILES.
2. Use these two files as the <tile_file> for the LIBRARIAN EXTRACT command. Run EXTRACT twice, once with NORTHTILES and once with SOUTHTILES
3. Run ARC MAPJOIN on the two extracted coverages.

Use the following procedure to create the ASCII files NORTHTILES and SOUTHTILES:


OSprompt: cd /path_to/DATABASE/INDEX
OSprompt: arc
Arc: arcplot
Arcplot: &station 9999
Arcplot: mapextent index
Arcplot: polygons index
Arcplot: reselect index poly box *
(Enter a box that overlaps the northen half of the tile polygons.)
Arcplot: infofile index poly northtiles tile-name
Arcplot: nselect index poly
Arcplot: infofile index poly southtiles tile-name
Arcplot: quit
Arc: tables
Enter command: sel northtiles
Enter command: unload northtiles
Enter command: sel southtiles
Enter command: unload southtiles
Enter command: quit
Arc: quit

If you must create more than two <tile_files>:

1. Use ARC ADDITEM to add a flag item to the PAT of a copy of the .../DATABASE/INDEX coverage.
2. Use the added item to flag the copied INDEX polygons.
3. Use the ARCPLOT commands RESELECT with the BOX option and CALCULATE to populate the flag item.
4. Use ARCPLOT RESELECT on the flag item to create multiple <tile_file> files.

Option 3:

Write an AML to mapjoin all the mapsections.

See the EXTRACT command reference for more information about command parameters.

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