TINCONTOUR/LATTICECONTOUR: too many arcs in a scan line (ARCPUT)

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround

Why does TINCONTOUR (or LATTICECONTOUR) return the following message:

assembling lines...
software limit encountered...
too many arcs in a scan line (ARCPUT) or (SEGPUT)
bailing out of TINCN or SURCNT


The available memory which BUILD uses for storing 'active' arcs has filled up. Typically, this occurs with coverages containing numerous parallel lines.

Check how many contours are being generated. Contouring a dataset with elevations from 0 to 8000 feet with a contour interval of one foot may produce too many arcs for BUILD to process. Double the contour interval and run TINCONTOUR twice. Offset the second run's {base_contour} value by the original contour interval. The two contour coverages can then be put together with APPEND. The output from APPEND will be the contour coverage originally desired. An example
of this follows. A contour interval of ten is desired.

TINCONTOUR intin outcov1 20 0
TINCONTOUR intin outcov2 20 10

Use APPEND to put outcov1 and outcov2 together.
See ArcDoc under ARC/INFO Data Management>Coverage Data Limitations>Coverage Processing for more information about the (ARCPUT) message.

Article ID:000001294

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