TIGERTOOL converts 1995 BBSP files to NAD27 instead of NAD83

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround

Conversion of 1995 BBSP files, using TIGERTOOL, creates coverages with a NAD27 datum when the PROJECT option is used, but the datum should be NAD83.


In version 7.0.4, the PROJECT command used by TIGERTOOL defaults to NAD27. All TIGER files previous to 1995 used the NAD27 datum. The BBSP TIGER/Line files called TIGER/Line Files, 1995 are exactly the same as the TIGER/Line '94 files, but they are now in NAD83 and not NAD27 - except for Hawaii and the outlying territories.


1. Click on the Related Information link.

2. Do a keyword search for TIGERTOOL.

3. Download the TIGERTOOL Update.

4. Place the new AML in the current workspace or in $ARCHOME/atool/arc. Root permission to replace the old one.

This updated AML will automatically determine the version of TIGER/line files and use the correct datum when doing a PROJECT of the coverage coordinates.

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