TIFFs do not display using georeferencing information in ArcGIS 9.1

Last Published: April 26, 2020


This issue is addressed in the ArcGIS Desktop 9.1 Raster patch.

ArcMap 9.1 may display a georeferenced TIFF incorrectly without reading the georeferencing and spatial reference information.


This is a known issue.


Download the patch by clicking the link in the Related Information section below.

If the patch is not available to you, follow the steps below to display a TIFF with the appropriate georeferencing information.
  1. If the raster does not have a world file (.tfw), create one in an earlier version of ArcGIS Desktop. To do so, follow the instructions provided in the following article, How To: Create a world file for a georeferenced raster in ArcGIS Desktop.
    This is performed so the correct georeferencing information is read from the raster and then written to the world file. 
  2. Make a copy of the world file for the existing TIFF in Windows Explorer.
  3. Make a copy of the .tif file in Windows Explorer.
  4. Open the copy of the .tif in an image editor such as Microsoft Paint, then save it as a new .tif. This creates a new TIFF without any georeferencing information in the header.
  5. Rename the copied world file to match the new .tif. This new TIFF should now display with the correct georeferencing information. However, the spatial reference will need to be defined.
  6. Right-click on the new .tif in ArcCatalog and select Properties.
  7. Scroll down to Spatial Reference and select Edit.
  8. Select the spatial reference for the new .tif.
  9. Select OK.
    The .tfw file will be deleted in this step. This is a known issue. See the Related Information below for details.  
  10. Close ArcCatalog.
  11. The TIFF will display properly since the header has been updated in ArcGIS 9.1. Add the new TIFF in ArcMap with other data. The TIFF should align properly with the spatial reference defined.

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