The value of the subtype code is not a long or short integer

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

During the course of editing or using the identify tool on a geometric network, this error message appears:

"The value of the subtype code is not a long or short integer".

The error message can occur in several situations, including snapping a new edge along an existing edge, deleting a network feature, with relationships to annotation or other features or identifying a network feature.


A field in one of the network features classes has subtypes associated with it. Some of the features in this feature class have a value of null for the subtype field. This can cause cause network editing operations to abort.

In all likelihood, the feature that is currently being edited or identified has a null value in the field associated with a subtype. In some circumstances, however, it may be a connected or related feature which has a null subtype value.

Solution or Workaround

Change the null values to a valid subtype value. If no valid subtype value exists for the associated network feature, create a new subtype value. For example, a subtype value of 0 with a description of 'Undefined' or 'Not currently set'.

Article ID:000004597

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