The translation request failed

Last Published: April 26, 2020

Error Message

When submitting a translation request with the ArcIMS Data Delivery extension (DDE) the translation request is successful, but returns 0 results. The following error may also occur:

The translation request failed


A translation request can fail for numerous reasons. Common reasons are:

  • The data source is not defined correctly.
  • The layer to theme mappings are incorrect.
  • The search limit extent is too small.

Solution or Workaround

Check the DDE log files for errors. The different log files can be found in the following directories:
  • The FME log results directory, for example: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\results.
  • translationServlet log: <DDE install>/logs
  • Process Monitor log: <DDE install>/logs
  • QServer log: <DDE install>/logs
Depending on the errors recorded in the log files, select and option below.
  • If warnings, listed as (WARN), are present in the translationServlet log check the SearchLimit extent set in the translationServlet properties file (DDE servlet).
    1. Open a text editor, and open the DDE servlet file. The location depends on the Servlet Engine used.
      • default: <DDE installation>\tomcat\webapps\servlet\WEB-INF ;
      • Tomcat: <Tomcat installation>\webapps\DDE\WEB-INF ;
      • ServletExec: <ServletExec installation>\ServletExec Data\default\DDE\WAR\WEB-INF ;
    2. Locate the SearchLimit values, like the following lines:
       minXSearchLimit -123 
       maxXSearchLimit 122 
       minYSearchLimit 35 
       maxYSearchLimit 40 
    3. The values for the SearchLimit extent should be set to the maximum envelope of the data that may be downloaded. For example, it is possible to read the values from the .axl file used for the ArcIMS map service. Edit the numeric values for the four SearchLimit properties.
    4. Save and close the file.
    5. Restart the Web server, Servlet Engine and DDE.

      The following are samples of possible warnings:
      <DATE and TIME>   WARN   Requested X-range of 656.0378531920142 > 
      allowed X-range of 245.0. MINX and MAXX values have been reset to allowed limits.
      <DATE and TIME>   WARN   Requested Y-range of 294.97859857976437 > 
      allowed Y-range of 5.0. MINY and MAXY values have been reset to allowed limits.
      <DATE and TIME>   Cannot find theme weight for theme undefined
      After editing the SearchLimit extent, submit another translation request and see if a successful translation result is given. If the procedure was successful, see the article in the Related Information section to have the properties edited automatically in the future when defining the data source.

      If if the result was unsuccessful, retrace the steps and check the other possible causes of the failure.
  • If errors, listed as (ERROR), are present in the FME log:
    1. Check that the layer to theme mapping is correct in the <drive>:\ArcIMS\Website\<site>\FME\FME_Download.htm.
      The mapping is case sensitive.
    2. Redefine the data source. See the Data Delivery Reference Manual for more information on defining the data source.

      The following is a sample of a possible error:
      2004-11-02 16:10:09|   0.6|  0.0|ERROR |Shape Reader: No Shape Files found to process in directory `C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\ArcIMS\Samples\TutorialData\SantaClara'. 
      Check directory and ids statement in mapping file

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