The symbol '>' shows up as '<' in ArcIMS Viewers

Last Published: April 25, 2020


In ArcIMS Viewers, HTML Viewer or Java Viewer, the symbol '>' occasionally displays as '<'. For example, '<USA>' displays as '<USA<'.


This is a known issue with the TrueType fonts that come with JRE, which is included in the ArcIMS install.


Using TrueType fonts from JRE 1.3.1_01 instead of the <ArcIMS Installation directory>/jre/lib/fonts resolves the problem.
  1. Download and install JRE 1.3.1_01.
    1. Download the file 'j2re-1_3_1_01-linux-i386.bin' from JRE 1.3.1_01.
    2. Select the Linux self-extracting file option and click Continue.
    3. Read and accept the license agreement.
    4. Select a site and download the j2re-1_3_1_01-linux-i386.bin file.
    5. To make the file executable, type:
      chmod a+x j2re-1_3_1_01-linux-i386.bin
    6. Select a location, for example, /usr/local/java, and install j2re-1_3_1_01 by typing:
    7. Accept all the default settings during the installation. The Java files should be extracted into the same directory using their predefined file structure. A directory called 'jre1.3.1_01' is created.
  2. Navigate to the jre1.3.1_01/lib/fonts directory.
  3. Copy the following fonts to usr/lib/X11/fonts/TrueType directory:

    Create the TrueType directory if it does not exist.
  4. Register the fonts with the X Font Server. Type:
    cd /usr/lib/X11/fonts/TrueType
    ttmkfdir -d . -o fonts.scale
    cp fonts.scale fonts.dir
    chkfontpath -a /usr/lib/X11/fonts/TrueType

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