The Spatial Extender needs a higher level of DB2

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

This message occurs when installing Spatial Extender after having installed DB2:

The Spatial Extender needs a higher level of DB2.


This is a result of problems found by IBM with its Universal Database (DB2).

Solution or Workaround

This means you need to install a recent IBM DB2 UDB FixPak. FixPaks are available at IBM’s DB2 Web site.

It is important you install DB2, Spatial Extender, and FixPaks in the following order:

  • IBM AIX:

    1. DB2 UDB 7.1
    2. FixPak 1
    3. Spatial Extender
    4. FixPak 2a
  • Windows (except Windows ME):

    If you have access to both FixPak 1 and FixPak 2, install the software components in the following order.

    1. DB2 UDB 7.1
    2. FixPak 1
    3. Spatial Extender
    4. FixPak 2a

    You may receive compiler or linker errors while installing Spatial Extender in this second scenario. This happens because Spatial Extender expects FixPak 1 to be installed, not FixPak 2a (or later).

    ArcSDE 8.1 for DB2 requires DB2 FixPak 2a to be installed.

  • If you only have access to FixPak 2, install the software in this order.

    1. DB2 UDB 7.1
    2. FixPak 2a
    3. Spatial Extender
    4. Reapply FixPak 2a

    On either platform, if you have already installed DB2, FixPak 1 and Spatial Extender, it is important that you also install FixPak 2a.

    If you have DB2 with FixPak 2a or above, and you then install Spatial Extender, you will get a warning message saying:

    The modification level of the products being installed is lower than 
    that of existing DB2 products. The product may not function properly.

    This is because the Spatial Extender installation package installs a number of DB2 FixPak 1 components. Installing Spatial Extender will downgrade those specific components to FixPak 1, leaving your DB2 with a mix of FixPak 1 and FixPak 2a components. To correct this situation, simply reinstall FixPak 2a.

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