The Size parameter on a hosted service Item Details page can be incorrect

Last Published: April 26, 2020


On an ArcGIS Online hosted service's 'Item Details' page, there is a parameter listed for 'Size'. This references the size of the service when published. This value can be misleading and not show the current size-to-date for the service.


This value is not dynamic with updates and changes made to the service in ArcGIS Online. It reflects the initial size of the service when it was published and does not increase or decrease as edits are made.

This enhancement has been marked as fixed in the July 2015 update of ArcGIS Online.

The size parameter is now dynamic and reports an up to date database size.


To view the size of an item, navigate to the Properties section of the Item Details page to see the individual size parameter.

[O-Image] Item Details page Properties size
To see how many credits are being consumed by service storage in the Organization, use the View Status page.

Access this by going to My Organization > View Status > Credits tab > Click on 'Storage'.
A member must have Administrator access to view this page.

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