The default image for an ArcMap Service Layout is too large

Last Published: April 25, 2020


For most ArcIMS image results, the default size is 400 by 300 pixels. The exception is an image resulting from a GET_LAYOUT request. The size of the resulting image of a GET_LAYOUT request will vary.


A GET_LAYOUT request is used in a custom client to access the layout of an ArcMap document. The default image size of a GET_LAYOUT request is based on the page size set in the ArcMap document (in inches) and the default dpi of 96.

For example, if your ArcMap document page size is 34 by 44 inches the default image generated will be 3264 by 4224 pixels.

Solution or Workaround

You can use the IMAGESIZE tag of a GET_LAYOUT request to set the size of the output image. Keep in mind that the aspect ratio of the original ArcMap document layout will be enforced. This may result in sizes slightly different than the ones you specified.

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