The connection property set was missing a required property or the property value was unrecognized. Bad login user.

Last Published: January 5, 2022

Error Message

In Portal for ArcGIS, end users may experience the following behavior:

  • Hosted feature layers are no longer available
  • Publishing hosted feature layers fails
  • Performing distributed analysis in Portal fails
  • Uploading hosted items to Portal fails

Validating the ArcGIS relational datastore fails from ArcGIS Server Manager. Inspecting the ArcGIS Server Manager log files reveal the following error: 

The connection property set was missing a required property or the property value was unrecognized. Bad login user.

Viewing the PostgreSQL datastore logs files located here: arcgisdatastore\logs\machine\database reveals the following error: 

FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "<new_ip_address>", user "<redacted>", database "<redacted">, SSL off


The error is normally due to the ArcGIS Server machine not having access to connect to the underlying PostgreSQL database configured with the ArcGIS relational datastore. This may happen if the ArcGIS Data Store is configured using a different account than ArcGIS Server or sometimes after an upgrade is performed.

Solution or Workaround

One way to resolve the issue is to update the pg_hba.conf PostgreSQL configuration file on the ArcGIS relational datastore machines to allow connections from the ArcGIS Server machine(s).

The following steps summarize what must be done to allow connections from the ArcGIS Server machine to the PostgreSQL database located on the ArcGIS relational datastore machine. The entries you place in the pg_hba.conf will vary depending on security policies and configurations at your site.

  1. Use the ArcGIS Datastore the listadminusers.bat command utility found in the <ArcGIS Data Store installation directory>\datastore\tools directory to obtain a list of the admin users, as shown in the following image.
list of the admin users returned by the listadminusers.bat tool
  1. Locate the pg_hba.conf file in the ArcGIS Data Store directory under pgdata.
  2. Make a backup copy of the pg_hba.conf file before altering it.
  3. If PostgreSQL is installed on a Linux server and the PostgreSQL postmaster is already running, stop it using the pg_ctl stop command.
  4. Open the pg_hba.conf file in a text editor.
  5. Add the IP addresses (or range of addresses) of the connecting ArcGIS Server machine(s) and specify the user accounts and databases that can connect. See the PostgreSQL documentation for more information on the pg_hba.conf file. The following line is an example:
host	db_vcokl	sde	scram-sha-256
  1. Save and close the pg_hba.conf file.
  2. If PostgreSQL is installed on a Linux server, use pg_ctl to start (or restart) the PostgreSQL postmaster.

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