The Attribute Assistant does not update after changing the DynamicValue table within an MXD

Last Published: April 25, 2020


If the DynamicValue table is changed within a map document (MXD), the Attribute Assistant does not automatically update to reflect the new table as the active DynamicValue table.


When the Attribute Assistant is turned on while using the Attribute Assistant toolbar, a snapshot is taken of the current DynamicValue table within the Table of Contents. As long as the Attribute Assistant is turned on, the DynamicValue table can be removed from the Table of Contents. The Attribute Assistant continues to function normally, operating off of the snapshot from the original DynamicValue table.

Solution or Workaround

To change the DynamicValue table in use, turn the Attribute Assistant off and on again once the change is made. This refreshes the Attribute Assistant and updates the snapshot of the DynamicValue table; the newly updated table is in the Table of Contents.

Article ID:000011971

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