The ATTRBUFSIZE parameter does not account for native Unicode support; reduces allotted characters for creation of a table by half

Last Published: April 25, 2020


By default, initialization parameter ATTRBUFSIZE is allotted 50,000 bytes for creation of a table definition. If using ASCII characters, one byte is equivalent to one character. However, Unicode characters use 2 to 4 bytes per character, which affects how many characters 50,000 bytes will store. If the geodatabase is using Unicode character storage, the default ATTRBUFSIZE value may not be sufficient.


ArcSDE has not always supported Unicode characters by default. Since this support was instituted, the check against character columns has not been changed to take into account that this parameter's value needs to be doubled in the server_config table to accommodate the allotted number of bytes for table definition creation.

Solution or Workaround

To change the parameter's default 50,000 bytes of storage for a table definition, double the ATTRBUFSIZE parameter to 100,000 using the ArcSDE command line:

sdeconfig -o alter -v ATTRBUFSIZE=100000 -i 5151 -s dev_server1 -D Rhino -u sde -p sdepassword

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