The application is not licensed to modify or create schema for this type of data

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

When loading or creating data, the following error message is received.

"The application is not licensed to modify or create schema for this type of data."


This error can be caused by using a lower level ArcGIS Desktop license, such as ArcView (or ArcGIS 10.1 for Desktop Basic). This error can also occur when certain data types are loaded when an extension is required but is not enabled.


• Full read-write and transactional access to an ArcSDE geodatabase is not available in the ArcGIS Desktop environment with an ArcView license. An ArcEditor or ArcInfo license is required.

• There are certain extensions that are required to create certain data types within a geodatabase. For example, creating or loading terrains into a geodatabase requires the 3D Analyst extension to be enabled.

Solution or Workaround

Use the correct Desktop license and extension to create data within, or export data into, an ArcSDE geodatabase.

Make sure to check the 'Required License' section for specific tools, data types, information models, and so forth.

Article ID:000002603

  • Legacy Products
  • ArcMap

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