Substitute fonts for use with ArcMap Server on Unix

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to substitute fonts for use with ArcMap Server on Unix. Font substitution allows a font name to be mapped, for example: FontA to another font, for example: FontB. This allows ArcMap server to use FontB, wherever FontA is used in an ArcMap document. Font substitution can be used in the following cases:

- When a font that is used in a ArcMap document is not installed on Solaris.
- If there is intent to use a font on Solaris that was not available on Windows when the ArcMap document was created.


Follow the steps below to setup font substitution on Solaris:
  1. On the Solaris or Linux terminal where ArcMap server is installed type:
    source $AIMSHOME/../init_engine.csh
  2. Then type the command:
    > regedit
    This opens the Registry Editor window.
  3. In the Registry Editor, navigate to:
    HKey_Local_Machine > Software > MainSoft > TTFontSubsitutes
  4. Add a new string with name 'fontA'. For the value of this string, specify 'fontB'. FontA is the font used in the ArcMap document, that is substituted for display by FontB, that is installed on Solaris.
    True type fonts used by ArcMap server are located in the folder $MWHOME/fonts

  5. Close the Registry Editor windows after confirming the changes are correct.
  6. Stop ArcIMS by running the script:
  7. Stop MainWin by typing:
    mwadm stop
  8. Start MainWin by typing:
    mwadm start
  9. At a new terminal start ArcIMS by running the script $AIMSHOME/qs_scripts/start_arcims
  10. Any ArcMap service created on this server, that uses FontA in the map document, now displays using FontB. When using a distributed setup of ArcMap server on Solaris, verify font substitution is applied on all machines where ArcMap server is installed.

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