StreetMap: Addresses not matching

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Addresses match correctly when interactively matching with the LOCATE ADDRESS tool. The same addresses do not match when using the batch method with the GEOCODE ADDRESS tool; no matches are returned.


One possibility is that the State field contains the full state name instead of the state abbreviation.

Solution or Workaround

Recalculate the State field so that it contains abbreviations. The steps below use Michigan as an example. Repeat for each state in your data set.

  1. Open the table.
  2. Select Start Editing from the Table menu.
  3. Select Query from the Table menu.
  4. Enter the following equation in the expression box of the Query Builder dialog box and click New Set.

    [State] = "MICHIGAN"

  5. Make the State field active and select Calculate from the Field menu.
  6. Enter the following value in the expression box of the Field Calculator dialog box and click OK.


    All occurences of "Michigan" in the state field should now be "MI".

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