Stop or start the Esri License Manager on UNIX

Last Published: October 2, 2020


Instructions provided are for stopping or starting the Esri License Manager in UNIX.


  1. Log on as the user who installed the license manager.
  2. Navigate to the $ARCHOME/sysgen directory, or wherever the license manager is located on your system.
  3. Stop the license manager:
./lmutil lmdown
  1. Make sure the license manager has stopped. Use the ps system command to look for:
    The license manager process:
ps -ef | grep lmgrd

The Esri Vendor daemon:

ps -ef | grep ESRI

If either command returns the name of the process with a process ID, kill the process with the following command:

kill <process id>
  1. Start the license manager:
./lmgrd -c license.dat > /dev/console &

You may also redirect the output to a log file:

./lmgrd -c license.dat > debug.log &  

The license file is called license.dat.

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