Stop! Image Source *.dbf has error, unable to make theme

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

This error occurs when using Universal Naming Conventions (UNC) in an image catalog:

"Stop! Image Source *.dbf has error, unable to make theme."


ArcView does not support UNC for image catalogs.

Solution or Workaround

You cannot use UNC in the path name for an image catalog but you can use environment variables. This is illustrated by the following example of an image catalog stored on a UNIX machine. The image catalog is mapped on a Windows machine.

Assume there is a UNIX box called 'the_box' that has an image catalog stored with an IMAGE field that looks like:


Assume you have a Windows machine with the drive 'R' mapped to \the_box.

  1. Set up this environment variable in the Windows system properties, or in the autoexec.bat file:

    Variable: THE_VARIABLE
    Value: \path

  2. On the UNIX machine, set up this environment variable in the .cshrc file:

    setenv THE_VARIABLE /the_box/path 

  3. Edit the IMAGE field of the image catalog to have the following:


    This will allow you to use the image catalog on both platforms.

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