Starting a metadata service returns error 1001

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

Starting the metadata in ArcIMS results in the following error:

"ERR1001 Unable to connect to the database".


A connection problem prevented ArcIMS from connecting properly to ArcSDE to start the metadata service.

Solution or Workaround

Ensure that all components of the metadata services can communicate properly.

  1. Using ArcCatalog, create a spatial database connection to ArcIMS using the same connection information that is found within the metadata AXL file.
  2. Ensure proper permissions are set up for the account to access and use the database. Import a shapefile into the database. If successful, delete the new feature class.

    If this step fails, return to the database administration software and ensure that proper permissions are set on the metadata user.
  3. Ensure that Fulltext Indexing (or Catalog) have been enabled.
    Oracle database:

    grant execute on ctx_dll to <metauser>;

    SQL Server:
    Create the full text catalog:

  4. After ensuring the connection is set up correctly, start the metadata services again.
  5. If unsuccessul, enable Spatial Server and Application Server logging:
    Verbose logging for ArcIMS
    Open a support incident with ESRI Support Services indicating the problem, referencing the steps in this article and attach the log files.

Article ID:000009582

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